Performerswebdesign is based in London. To make contact or ask for a quote, email and send a message stating your requirements and any questions you may have.

Your details are confidential and will not be passed on to any third parties.

Before making contact, please consider the following points

  • If you are a London musician or a London teacher and prefer not to buy domain name and hosting, a more affordable alternative for a website for yourself could be which is available from For more information email
  • What is the purpose or goal of your website? Is it information only i.e. for your curriculum vitae ⁄ résumé or are you selling a product?
  • What information do you want to provide online?
  • How many pages would you like?
  • Do you have your own logo and do you have any ideas how you want your site to look?
  • Do you have any images and if so, how many would you like to include on the website?
  • Do you want a dynamic page where you can input your own text, images, videos, mp3s; for example a blog page, news page or upcoming concerts / events page? This is possible and you will be provided with log in details, user name and password.
  • Do you like any aspects of other websites which you want to incorporate into your own website?

To make contact, email or complete the form below.